Tier 2 Program

What is the Tier 2 Program?
A Tier 1 supplier is defined as a company that supplies products or services directly to Amazon. A Tier 2 supplier supplies products or services to the Tier 1 supplier, who then supplies goods and services directly to Amazon.
Why does Amazon have this program?
Amazon is committed to the inclusion of diverse and small businesses in our procurement activities. We recognize the value of a diverse supply base and encourage our suppliers to source to minority-owned and small businesses inviting companies to participate in our Tier 2 reporting program.
How does Amazon report Tier 2?
Reporting periods are monthly and quarterly. Amazon encourages suppliers to participate when the reporting period is open.

If you are a current Amazon supplier and were invited to our current Tier 2 spend-reporting, please enter your information at:

Amazon Tier 2 reporting